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SUPER 12 Contains 12 amazing Natural Products that will help to support many of our systems.

As a Kinesiologist I am constantly looking for the very best products that raises our vitality. Alongside taking Neem, which obviously some people can't take if contra-indicated, I have found this product outstanding.

Equally please check if any ingredients are contra-indicated for your medication or condition.  

Nutritional Information.- Approximate Value

Nutritional Facts Per 100gms. Energy 10.5 kcal

Carbohydrates 2.06g

Proteins 0.43g

Total Fats 0.06g

Vitamin C 7.70mg

Iron 0.54mg

Calcium 3.11mg

No Artificial Flavour Added (this product is all natural)

Nutritional value may vary.


Each 10ml contains - Listed as shown on Label

Alfalfa Leaf 80mg

Wheat Grass Leaf 100mg

Moringa Leaf 50mg

Spirulina 80mg

Ginseng 40mg

Ashwagwanda 100mg

Giloy 150mg

Ginger 20mg

Tulsi 100mg

Triphala 100mg

Acai Berry 50mg

Sea Buckthorn 50mg


Preservatives Sodium Benzoate 0.5%w/v Methylparben

Sodium 0.1% w/v Propylparaben Sodium 0.01% w/v & Citric Acid


Dosage Children above 10 years : 5 to 10ml

Adult 10 to 20ml

May be mixed with water or juice or taken directly.

If you are unsure or need some advice then please get in touch with us. We are happy to chat on the phone or by email. Visit our Contact page to find out how.


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