Caredom - Clean Pet Neem Dog Soap

Caredom - Clean Pet Neem Dog Soap

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CleanPet - Neem Dog Soap

Specially Formulated Dog Soap

Caredom Clean Pet Neem Dog Soap controls fungal, bacteria and skin irritation on your pet skin. It keeps your pets coat shine, soft & healthy. Clean Pet is beneficial for sensitive skin with hygienic pet’s bath.

Caredom CleanPet Soap brings along the goodness of Neem, mint and cologne to give your pet healthy, cool and deodorized coat. It's special formula makes it ideal for various pet types and easily lathers to cleanse your dog, leaving it cleaner fresher.
Product approved by Autho Govt. laboratory (India)  Permission to sell by the company, in the UK,
Available in : 65 gm
Transparent Soap Noodles, Glycerine, Aloevera, Neem Trunk Extract & Fragrance,

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